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A Day In The Life
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in jessica_nagle's LiveJournal:

Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
11:37 pm
yes...it's been almost 2 months since ive written in this thing. but why bore you with my uneventful events which take place in my day-to-day life?
there havent been many things that have happened that are worth mentioning. UPCOMING events, however, deserve some sort of recognition. TUMBLEWEED this weekend, im hoping to hit that up with mike or jeff or the other dozen people who have asked me to go with them. there are 5 days of school left. exams will take place over the course of one day; the 16th and i'll be writing chem and bio, no biggie. that weekend will be fun in the sun (i hope) at crystal crescent with the rest of the gang (or multiple gangs) and im stoked. then the next week is my birthday and canada festivities with good concert-age and a few days later im off to alberta/BC for a couple weeks. so ill be quite tied down. although those couple weeks will be chalk full of festivities i'll be sad because kelli wont be there to join in, and im going to miss that girl. i heart her and im not going to be able to live without her. well, i will, but ill have to cry myself to sleep every night. ok, cool. i need to go to bed, yes yes i do.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
8:56 pm
dude, i'm sick. being sick is no fun. i have a maaad cough and it won't go away, ugh.
anyway, my long weekend was wonderful. non priductive and lazy, just the way i like it. it basically consisted of movies, final 4, colin crawling in a hole and all that easter fun. i have homework to do, and i don't feel like doing it. meh. hopefully tomorrow will be happier...rain, rain go away...

Current Mood: sick
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
10:15 pm
I have made a new resolution for myself: I no longer care about anything. Shit, I know it won't last long, but whatever.
Today was fun. The girlies went downtown and we played with dildos and tried on bathing suits, yay :)
Word of the day: EUURRBODAYYY
Freak Lunchbox makes me light up inside. I love candy. I also enjoy observing people on the bus. You can find extremely interesting people on the bus. Especially drunk bums and ghetto chinese kids.
Wow...anyway, I think people should mind their own freakin' buisness. Let people do and say what they want to, everyone has the right. You're not going to agree with everything someone does or says; realize it, stop bitching and move on. I know I'll complain sometimes about something someone said that didn't sit right, but I'll usually tell them before I run and write it on here. Whatever it's more "human than human" I guess, wonderful song that is...I think Kim and I should make it ours. Anyway, thanks girls for the fun day, love youuu

Current Mood: indifferent
Monday, April 5th, 2004
10:07 pm
Wow, what a long day, I'm spent.
There hasn't been much happening that's worth mentioning. The weekend was pretty dull, although I got to see Brian and David which was nice. We jammed in Brian's basement for a while, which is always fun.
Oh...and I hate boys. They smell. Whenever a member of the male species messes up, I just want to have a penis bonfire. That would be fun. It would stink, but it would be fun.
Ughhh I have a Bio quiz thing tomorrow and I have no idea what I'm doing. Whatever, I'll survive I'm sure.
Good night one and all
(rip kurt)

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
5:36 pm
Today was swell, I have no tests, quizzes or labs until next week! I'm stoked, I have nothing to do. Tomorrow night I believe I'll be going to the dance :) I haven't danced in so long, it will be great to get out with the girls and shake our little bums until the cows come home. I'm quite excited. I am also no longer stressed out about midterms, because I got all my marks and I did pretty well :) Yay, I'm in a good mood, and the OC is on tonight which I didn't watch Monday and that makes me smile. Well, that's all I've got.
Until next time my friends...

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
5:23 pm
After reading some Hemmingway today, I have come to realize how wealthy I am. I have the most amazing friends in the entire world! Although they draw pictures of me having a mullet, take non flattering pictures of me and pour water down my pants...I love them to death! I'm sorry for taking you guys for granted lately, you're awesome :)
SARAH & NATALIA: Thank you guys for being my agony aunts, you have seen me through everything.
JILL: My hug whore, you are my Ben & Jerry's/Chick Flick all in one. You're always so understanding. Thank you for being there since day 1.
KELLI: Thank you for having such realistic opinions. You have a free spirit, which I can relate to, so yes, I love you!
KERRI: Thank you for your smile! You put me in an instant good mood. Kind of like candy & rainbows, hahaha
COLIN, NICK & JOEL: Thank you for being non dramatic and laid back, I need that after a long day in a high school in Clayton Park.
STEPHANIE: Thank you for your energy and spontaneity, we have good times.
LAURA AND LAURICE: Thank you for the summer days and keeping my stomach full.
JEFF: Thank you for making me feel important when I felt worthless, and for putting everything into perspective.

And to all of those who I just named and SO many more, thanks for the laughs. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Current Mood: loved
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
6:41 pm
Mmm I love it how a nice home cooked meal can put me in a better mood. Today was a relatively blah day. Nothing special, but it wasn't a bad one so I can't complain. I got a 92 on my biology quiz which put me in a better mood after my not so great chem mark. I should really start remembering to study for that class.
Anyway, lets talk about regret shall we? Today I overheard someone say how they don't regret anything they've ever said or done. I think people who say this are liars. I mean, regret is totally human. Everyone has done something they wish they could change, even if it's something minor. I mean, I regret things for sure. I think people associate regretting something with dwelling on a past mistake. I try my best not to dwell, but I do admit it takes a long time for me to get over something that has made me distressed. Despite that, I look at some of the things I've done and I say, "Yeah that was stupid, I won't do that again." I think it's healthier to admit your mistakes than attempt to make yourself look bigger by "not regretting" anything.
Anyway, I smell pie...ADIOS!

Current Mood: satisfied
Sunday, March 21st, 2004
5:36 pm
shit..march break is over. although it was way too short, it was an amazing week. europe was lovely, and i'll never forget it. the people, the culture, the scenery...everything was so different and so beautiful. although i was sick and felt like shooting several people who shall not be named...it was great. i just feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to see the other side of the world being so young. im a lucky girl :)

rant of the day: dont make stupid assumptions. have all your facts correct before you open your mouth. dont be hypocritical, or at least admit that you are.

Current Mood: groggy
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
11:04 pm
Dude...I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow! Ahhh. We've all been looking forward to this like whoa since...September! I'm pretty sure I have everything I need, I'm super hoping I do anyway! My mom needs to pick up a purse tomorrow that we finally picked out. Anyway, I'm really anxious about this trip. I'm still a little nervous about flying since I haven't in so long. I just hope it's a safe, happy, healthy trip. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm stoked, I think it's finally hititng me. WHOOHOOO, anyway, yeah I'm on valium. Well I hope everyone has a wicked awesome march break and I love you all!
Peace & Love

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
9:49 pm
I am never going out in public with my mother again. She leaves to go to this stupid meeting thing at 7 30 and says that if she can leave early, we'd go to the mall because I need some sort of bag, jacket and pyjamas for europe. Anyway I started studying for my chem and bio tests tomorrow around 8 figuring it would be too late to go anywhere. Anyway, at 8 30 she shows up unexpected and says we're leaving. So that was the beginning of it. Anyway we were walking through Sears and she picks up all these revolting bags "ooh this one is cute".....gag me. She was like, picking up FANNY PACKS for Christ's sake. Who wears fanny packs?! So yeah, she started calling me frivolous not even knowing the meaning of the word. Just because I don't want a fucking fanny pack doesn't make me non practical. So we go to random stores and everything I did like, she found something wrong with it. Ugh, she was being so unreasonable. I just got pissed and left. She just LOVES wasting my time. I suppose I'll go study now. Fuck.

Current Mood: infuriated
Sunday, March 7th, 2004
11:34 am
Compared to last weekend, this one was rather eventful...but nothing too exciting. Friday evening I went to the doctor and complained about my insomnia and body aches. She referred me to get a massage or some sort of physio so I'm like, sweet. But ughhh I'm so stiff. After we left the doctor we went to the mall to pick up food. We spent 40$ on Subway...who spends that much on sandwiches? Anyway, a bijillion people kept calling to find out the night's plans and I felt like flushing my cell phone down the toilet. After the mall we rushed home and ate and got out the door by 8:30 and we went to pick up Nick, Laura and Chelsea to go to Lisa's party. Laura and Chelsea were already plastered before they even left Laura's and could barely contain themselves in my car. Haha, it could have been wayyy worse. Anyway, Lisa's was fun. I got to see the STP girls which was nice. I was a little tipsy, but I made the best of the little alcohol I had.
Last night we went to Starsky and Hutch which I have been anticipating. After Old School, I was stoked to see a lot of the cast come back. It definitely wasn't as funny as Old School, but Will Ferrell made my day. "Can I see your belly button?" But yeah, we ended up going to see it with like, 10 people as usual and ended up in the front row. My neck feels like it's going to fall off. After the movie we went to DQ and Ryan gave me a free Pepsi because he's my saviour. Afterwards we went to Kelli's and yeeeaahhh that pretty much sums up my weekend! That's all for now folks.

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
6:41 pm
What a waste of a weekend. Actually, it was kind of...serene? Friday night I went to JMac's for his little birthday get together. It ended up being more than just a get together, several people showed up that Joel didn't even know about it. Whatever, that how it usually works out. I ended up jetting early, I was feeling faint and my aunt has just come home from Hawaii so I figured I'd go home and see her before she left. When I got home I pretty much just sat around for 10 minutes and collapsed before 10:30.
Last night I was supposed to go to the sheraton with the brookside crew and Laura but I was too tired to go anywhere. Meh, parties are overrated anyway. Watching Kelli and Kerri get drunk off a neck of vodka isn't my idea of entertainment anyway. Ohh you girls are too funny. I fell asleep last night at 9 and didn't wake up until 12 this morning...I was gone. Yeah, pretty dull weekend but who cares because I'll be in EUROPE in weeks. Whoooo
Until next time,
Peace & Love
Thursday, February 19th, 2004
5:04 pm
snow snow snow
Wow...it must have snowed last night. I woke up this morning and I couldn't see outside my window. I didn't bother going downstairs to find out if school was cancelled because it obviously was. I returned to la-la land and didn't wake up until several hours later. Apparently this is the worst blizzard since 1970. So now I find out that school is cancelled tomorrow, AND there's an inservice on Monday! 5 day weekend! Snow days rock my socks. Until next time...
Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
9:08 pm
Get me out of this house
Okay, not only is she being totally unfair, but she's also being completely unreasonable. When it was decided that I was going to London and Paris, I agreed to pay for the trip. I figured, well Kelly didn't get to go, so it's unfair to demand that Mom and Dad pay for it. So whatever, thats done and over with. What's incredibly frustrating is that they won't give me a fucking penny for spending money.Do I sound selfish? Let me defend myself.
My parents say they simply "can't afford" to give me a couple hundred dollars for spending money. After conversion, a couple hundred won't buy me much, but it's pretty essential to have. But anyway, last week my mom and my aunt decide it would be "fun" to go to Paris the week I was there. People who aren't so "stable" financially dont take spontaneous trips to Europe. She wants me to get a job, but I obviously can't apply for one right now. I'm going to go in for an interview and say, "oh by the way, I'm going to Europe in 3 weeks, I won't be able to work." My mother doesn't seem to realize that people will hire employees who can start IMMEDIATELY. I just dont see the point in applying for a job until I come back. Whatever, she's annoying. Hopefully I'll get SOMETHING out of her. Meanwhile I'm just going to sit here and bang my head on my desk. Goodbye.

Current Mood: aggravated
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